April 1st, read for fun with children’s stories!

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Today is the day of hoaxes, watch out for fish hanging on your back and other antics! At Whisperies we love jokes but we are also curious so we went fishing for information on this funny April 1st party!

How do you celebrate April 1 elsewhere?

What a papastrophe!  - History Whisperies

What a papastrophe! – History Whisperies

In Belgium, Italy and France, children cut out and decorate paper fish to hang them on the backs of loved ones or even strangers! It is also possible to hang fish on the doors of houses, on cars and even slip them discreetly into the pockets of those you meet. But adults are not left out! It is common to see the press ride the wave and divulge credible false information!

In Japan, April 1 or “bangusetsu” means “the season of 10,000 absurdities”, the ideal day to play pranks, but it also marks the beginning of hanami, when the Japanese are used to appreciate the beauty of cherry trees. in bloom.

In Russia, Switzerland and Sweden, April 1 becomes “the day of fools” while in Brazil it is “dia das mentiras” (the day of lies).

In the United States and the United Kingdom, no fish on the horizon, the “April Fool’s Day” (the day of deception) consists of making jokes throughout the day of April 1st!

Similarly, in Germany, we say “April April” or “Aprilscherz” when making a joke.

There are more than 800 hypotheses around the origin of April 1, all countries find their traditions and clowning there. But we also like to take care of our readers with our funny April 1st stories.

April Fool’s Day, good for your health?

Indeed, if there is a good reason to celebrate April 1st, it is because laughter has many benefits on the body and the mind!

The benefits of laughter:

– reduces fatigue
– eliminates stress and anxiety
– bring up the spirits
– Pain killer

“Studies have shown that laughing lowers the levels of cortisol, which is known to be the stress hormone. On the other hand, no study is necessary to know that laughing undoubtedly relaxes us. Likewise, laughing makes us feel good. »According to the Partenamut Health Blog

Laughter has also been shown to strengthen the immune system by increasing the production of natural anti-inflammatory drugs that promote oxygenation in the body.

But laughing is also good for the heart, it would reduce blood pressure for a few minutes and thus help fight against cardiovascular diseases by improving blood circulation.

So if you want to laugh heartily, between two fish and jokes, go to the Whisperies application to download for free on iOS or android or on www.whisperies.com.

Funny story - What a papastrophe!

Those Papastrophe!
Cloud and Myric Drane

Today is April 1st. Mum is in Paris so the children stay with Dad. And they have every intention of having fun. Does Dad know it’s April 1st? Good question !

Funny story - The students of Mr Bricabrac

Mr Bricabrac’s students
Louvio & Fabienne Blanchut

This morning, 26 schoolchildren are woozy. Each in turn, they describe their ills. But are they that bad? What can they be hiding? To find out, you will have to go to Zoe, the last letter of the alphabet …

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Whisperies - Funny stories to celebrate April 1st!Whisperies – Funny stories to celebrate April 1st!

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