Baby shower: gift ideas to offer

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Organizing a baby shower is an increasingly common event in France. If in the United States, the baby shower is a real institution, in France there are still some uncertainties about the course of this celebration. What gifts should we give for a baby shower?
If for some, it is necessary to offer a gift for the future baby, normally the purpose of this celebration is precisely to offer gifts to the future mother. In this article, we give you some tips for giving baby shower gifts that are sure to please!

Baby shower gifts for mom or for baby?

In the United States, the tradition of the baby shower is essential: it is a very close friend of the mother-to-be who organizes the baby shower and it is considered that this friend, by paying the costs of the organization of the party, do not need to buy an extra gift.

In France, the organization of the baby shower can be organized by the future mother herself and she can also specify in the invitation card if she wants her guests to draw instead from the birth list to make their gifts. If the invitation card does not state any such information, then in that case you can focus on the baby shower gifts that are given to mom.

Here’s a particularly useful tip: If you know all of the baby shower guests very well, why not all of you join together to give a nice common gift? Do not hesitate to offer a nice gift to the mother and rather a little attention to the future baby. You will make the real gift for the baby when it is born!

Some great gift ideas for mom

We organize a baby shower to pamper a mother: very often she is in her last trimester of pregnancy and sometimes fatigue is felt at this stage of pregnancy. So now is the time to please the mother-to-be and give her gifts to take care of her:
an afternoon (even a day) at the spa for lounging and getting a massage.
a make-up session or a facial treatment
organic care / cosmetics (pay attention to the composition, especially if the future mother wants to breastfeed)
a manual for learning to breastfeed
a humorous book on the daily life of young parents
a photo shoot during pregnancy or maternity
a voucher for hours of babysitting once baby is there
a voucher for romantic outings

A little attention for the future baby!

For the baby shower party, you have already made a nice gift for the mother-to-be, you don’t necessarily have a budget for a gift for the baby to come. If you decide to follow the advice of making a nice gift for the mother and a little attention for the baby, then in this case we give you here some ideas to celebrate the coming baby:

– A small night light for the baby’s room.
– a music box to help you fall asleep.
– a little book to read so that baby awakens to reading and to the world of beautiful stories!

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