For Christmas, Whisperies again in duo with La Poste

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Last year Whisperies produced a Christmas story in collaboration with the La Poste group. And this year, the adventure begins again, the La Poste group is once again calling on Whisperies to make children dream during the Christmas period. A real pledge of confidence for us, our stories, and our authors and illustrators!

Whisperies – La Poste
Audiobooks that smell like Christmas

The La Poste group once again called on Whisperies to immerse young and old in the Christmas atmosphere on the site of Santa Claus. So, nobody knows if this year Santa Claus will descend from the sky with toys not thousands… but what is certain is that he will descend with STORIES by the hundreds and that all the shoes will have their little bundle!

The month of December will unfold to the rhythm of the audio tales of Whisperies on Santa’s website. Whisperies invites young listeners to discover the 5 audio tales. Unveiled on December 1, 5, 12, 19 and 24 on Santa’s website, these stories will feature very different worlds: Christmas tales and adventures that take place in the heart of the forests, in town or on the ocean to meet nature and the world.

Whisperies – La Poste
December through the tales

From December 1st

From December 1st, children will open the first box of the advent calendar available on Santa’s website and the tone will be set with a funny audio book with endearing characters: Le Noël de Friponne. A little cat who loves to climb trees and who enthusiastically sees the Christmas tree arrive in the middle of the living room. Not sure that Friponne and the Christmas tree mix so well!

Then every Saturday

It will then be necessary to wait until Saturday, December 5 to open the box which will take the young listeners in the middle of a large forest where the oldest tree in the world stands. A tale in which nature transmits all its wisdom through the mobilization of flora and fauna to save the oldest tree in the world from the blows of an ax that threaten it.

For Christmas, an audio book available every Saturday

For Christmas, an audio book available every Saturday

On Saturday 12 December, the weekend will begin under the sign of tolerance and solidarity with From one mouse to another, where two little mice become the guides of a journey to meet families who are all different in their form. and their composition. A tale where the family is defined by shared love.

On Saturday December 19, the wait gets bigger and bigger so Whisperies will take the children on a journey across the oceans with Philemon, the little pirate, a child who must make an important choice: choose the pet that will become the accomplice of his adventures. Who will be the perfect companion to live on a ship among pirates?

And finally… Christmas Day!

Finally on December 24, a funny story but one which can also worry some children. In Santa Claus Has Amnesia, the man in the red coat has lost his memory and no longer remembers what his job is. How can he get his memory back in time to take his sled and make his rounds?

Whisperies – La Poste
A present before its time?

A special gift before Christmas

A special gift before Christmas

On the site of Santa Claus, after the stories, we move on to gifts. After reading the 5 Christmas tales, each child will be able to obtain their 1-month subscription to Whisperies and this time enjoy hundreds of audio books but also animated books? Reading hours that they can choose by theme and age directly from the Whisperies application available on iOS and Android.

A gift at the foot of the tree

Whisperies stories can be read at Christmas but also offered at the foot of the tree: a one-year subscription to Whisperies Premium. For € 29.90, small readers will have access to all audio and interactive books for 12 months. Personalize your gift card on

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