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To open children to the world and to new sounds, Whisperies unveiled, in 2018, its very first story in English for children. At the time, the book “1,2,3… Ladybirds” allowed us to inaugurate our category: History in English on Whisperies but now, it has more than 150 tales. You can also discover them all for free by downloading the Whisperies application on Android or iOS.

1,2,3… story in English

Why offer English?

Whisperies supports children and students in their learning of the French language but also of a foreign language with this story in English. In fact, by being able to read the same story in French and in English, the children identify the words and their meaning in both languages.

The stories are also available in French. Interesting to listen to the audio version after reading the French version, blog master, Leni Cassagnettes.

With “1,2,3… Ladybirds”, children and students can learn to count to 8, in French and even in English!

Story in English - 1,2,3 ... Ladybirds - Whisperies

Story in English – 1,2,3… Ladybirds – Whisperies

As with the French tales, the stories in English are animated, with sound and told.

And the accent in it all!

Native people such as Geoffrey Heels, Siobhan Hernon, Diana Rapine, Katie Davis… tell the stories with their accents that make us travel. Children can therefore become familiar with new sounds. Most importantly, they can hear, and reproduce, the sounds and words they recognize in books and learn their meanings.

“From history in English through the syllable book”

A start to everything

Like English, “1,2,3… coccinelles” was also the first story adapted in syllabic impregnation. Today there are over 20 stories adapted with silent letters and syllables identified in our catalog.

“Dyslexic children also have books to help them. The typography, line spacing and spacing between words to facilitate reading. The syllables are colored which makes it easy to identify the silent letters which are in light gray ”, Blablaetcie.

Books “easy to read” allow children and students to learn to read by cutting words in color.

Who are they intended for?

Mainly offered to dyslexic children, these stories are also suitable for those who are learning to read or those who have difficulty. As for the books in the English version, children and pupils can start with the “reading aid” versions and little by little, reread their story in the original version without the colored syllabic division.

Syllable book - 1,2,3 ... ladybugs!

Syllable book – 1,2,3… ladybugs!

The stories we offer use easy-to-read typography and each story is reworked so that the texts are legible, on a white background, with large spaces and wide line spacing. Thus, the story becomes easier to read and therefore more understandable.

Why are we doing all this?

Every child has the right to enjoy reading, and for that, what better way than to offer them stories that they can read easily. The goal of these creations is therefore to give them a taste for reading and to give them access to the animated and sound digital books that we offer!

To access all of our animated stories in English, French or our syllable books for free, download our app on Android or iOS.

Are you a teacher and want to read our stories in English with your students? Join us today on Whisperies!

You work in a media library, you can also give your users access to all Whisperies content!

Story in English, French and syllabic impregnation.  To discover on Whisperies.

Story in English, French and syllabic impregnation. To discover on Whisperies.

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