What is the use of the pregnancy bola worn by expectant mothers?

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The pregnancy bola has been worn for millennia in Indonesia and Mexico, where it is nicknamed the “Llamador de angeles”, that is to say the “Bell of the angels”. Indeed, legend has it that this jewel of future mothers has the power to call the guardian angel of the one who wears it to protect her and accompany her throughout her life. On a daily basis, the gentle tinkling of this jewel soothes both baby and mother-to-be: it is therefore a wonderful pregnancy gift to offer her!

The meaning of the pregnancy bola

In the Indonesian and Mexican tradition, the pregnancy bola is offered to mothers who wore it throughout their pregnancy. It is a pregnancy jewel that emits a very soft musical tinkle when it rolls on itself. Traditionally, the bola was then hung over the baby’s cradle to comfort and protect him.

Why wear a pregnancy bola?

A moment of sweetness between mother and baby
During pregnancy, moms experience many changes in their body. They experience strong emotions and their moods have an effect on the baby. By gently rolling the bola on her stomach, the mom connects to interior and to her baby. Thus, this pregnancy jewel allows to share a wonderful moment of sweetness and appeasement between the future mother and her child.

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The bola calms baby after pregnancy

If the use of bola soothes baby during pregnancy, he continues to do so long afterwards! Indeed, the baby is sensitive to the noises of his environment, whether it is the voices around him, the music or the beating of the heart when he is on his parents’ chest. Also, after birth and to help the child fall asleep, mothers can roll the bola to soothe the child with a sound that has been familiar to him for every month in his mother’s womb.

From when can I wear a pregnancy bola?

There is no hard and fast rule, you can buy pregnancy bola jewelry whenever you want. For example, you can wear it from the start of your pregnancy so that baby starts hearing this melody as soon as possible.

However, it is from the second trimester that the child’s auditory system is formed and it is in the third trimester that it is most effective in children. In addition, you should know that the bola does not ring constantly: it “activates” only if you roll it with the palm of your hand.

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How to use a pregnancy bola?

To make the soft ringing of the pregnancy bola resonate, we recommend that you create a little ritual moment for yourself. To do this, make yourself calm, close your eyes and then start rolling your pregnancy bola in the palm of your hand on your stomach. You should feel the calming vibrations of your pregnancy bola very quickly. In addition, you can share this beautiful moment of sweetness with the child’s dad or the baby’s brothers and sisters!

Finally, we advise you to avoid wearing your bola in the shower or putting it in contact with creams or perfumes. To clean it, you can simply wipe it with a soft cloth.

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